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Eitai Bridge


Eitaibashi Bridge was built in 1698 using timber from the main hall of Kaneiji in Ueno Park, as a bridge connecting Fukagawa and Nihonbashi.
The bridge often appeared in Japan's historical incidents. It is famous as a bridge that crossed by Ako Roshi (lordless samurai of Ako domain) on their return after battle. A monument was set at the rest stop of the Ako Roshi near the bridge.
In 1807, the bridge was crowded with people shoving and pushing forward to reach the festival at Tomioka Hachiman Shrine, and finally part of the bridge collapsed. Today, many festival participants and Mikoshi (portable shrine) cross the bridge during the Fukagawa Hachiman Festival (the current bridge, of course, is solidly built that no worry of collapse).
The current bridge is a massive steel arch bridge, that replaced as the first construction of the earthquake reconstruction projects. It has also been a familiar filming location for many TV dramas and weather reports.


Koto-ku Eidai ~ Chuo-ku Shinkawa

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